Stephanie Jakovac

Stephanie arrived in Australia in 1973. She spent her childhood and youth in Slovenia, where she completed her secondary education in Visual Merchandising and Visual Arts in Ljubljana, historic capital of Slovenia. There she studied art history and received basic art knowledge. As part of her study she attended many art exhibitions in Europe. She later pursued more art education and attained a Diploma in Visual Arts.

Stephanie’s sense of balance dictates the romantic use of brilliant colours and expressive detail. She believes it is difficult to paint something one has not experienced. As she observes the wide horizon of this country, the lively colours and vibrant diversity of composition inspire her. She feels the heat of the sun radiating from the earth, melting the oil of eucalyptus trees, scenting the air and filling it with serenity and tranquility. She sees landscapes filled with clean air, a golden moon rising on the sunlit horizon and a red sun slowly setting. Frequently her inspiration draws on the fragments of memories. Stephanie often remembers the early years of her life in every poetic detail. Her landscapes are overgrown with flowers, trees and frolicking bushes, little village churches and houses with terracotta tiles. She often travels overseas to her home country and whilst there is invited to artist colonies to join groups of artists producing art.

Stephanie exhibits regularly and has won numerous awards. Her paintings can be seen in many private and public collections in Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Sweden, Greece and Austria. One of her paintings titled “Joy of a Nation” hangs in the Croatian Embassy in Canberra. The Gallery of International Naïve Art in Slovenia and in Italy, each acquired two of her paintings. Stephanie’s paintings continue to attract attention and are respected by many discerning art lovers.