Jools Bloom has never been interested in depicting objects or scenes in the visual world. Her view is that photography best serves that purpose. She credits her initial studies in Ceramic Sculpture at Monash University with the formation of a material based approach to her painting.

“We all need an entry point to our art training and Sculpture was mine. I learnt a great deal about myself in relation to the creative psyche within Art History. I joined my heroes in their quest to uncover what is unique to myself and not imitative of others”. For that reason she decided to undertake a second BA in Fine Art at RMIT. “I actually wondered why it took me so long to get to a canvas. But once there I felt absolutely in the right place and was grateful for all I had previously experienced. Plaster, clay and concrete were my transitional materials to paint”. Instinctively she established a method of working that was intuitive and confident, based on the relationship of one surface of colour to the next. In these Under-Graduate years brushes were rarely used. Instead Bloom used rags or her hands to construct multi-layered compositions that ended with large, bold calligraphic marks forming the “full-stop” of the surface.

More obvious brush-work has entered her canvases in recent years.”It’s about moving forward and not being caught in a rut. I’m developing a new type of gesture in paint. Despite being highly constructed with brushstrokes I’m sure Jackson Pollock would still approve”.