Allan Wright

I am a retired engineer. In 2014, at the age of 84, I realised a 70-year dream and started painting.

I had wanted to be a painter and attend art school, but my father insisted that I study engineering, so art was put on the back burner and I became an engineer.

The necessities of life, a wife and children, a mortgage and the need to pursue my career meant that painting was out of reach, although it was always something that hovered in the back of my mind.

At 84 and living on my own I was looking for something to fill my idle hours and a friend suggested that I take up painting. I realised that I could now paint and realise my dream, which I must admit, had faded into the mists of time.

I purchased some equipment and started painting.

I have had no organised tuition and find that discovering how to paint by myself has given me untold pleasure and satisfaction.

After about three years of painting I have now amassed a great number of paintings of which I am very proud. Whether they are of sufficient quality to be able to call myself an artist only time will tell, but no matter what I achieve, I am still enjoying myself.

My aim is to produce paintings that I would be happy to hang on the walls of my house to give pleasure to all that view them. I have no particular preferences as to what subject I paint as long as I have pleasure in painting it.

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